Three Alden Gallery Artists chosen for “Couples/Duos” Group show at PAAM

Ed Christie, Joerg Dressler and Mike Wright have been chosen to be part of “Couples/Duos” Group show curated by Midge Battelle and Pasquale Natale at the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, Provincetown, MA. January 31–May 4, 2014. Opening reception: January 31, 6-8pm.

This exhibition considers the creative parallels between duos of one kind or another. It couples poets and painters, sculptors and painters, and painters and painters. Some are friends, some are couples, some are have never met. Each pairing of work – whether similar or dissimilar – shows a relationship of palette, subject matter, composition, narrative, or other element.

Celebrating PAAM’s Centennial, the exhibition is culled from the many living and non-living artists who have comprised the PAAM community throughout its long history. Some of the couples/duos are Michael / Gail Mazur Lynn Stanley/Tracey Anderson Ramon Alcolea/William Hamlin Didier Corallo/Jennie Humphries Robert Henry/Selena Trieff Janice Redman/Rob DuToit Bailey Bob Bailey/Breon Dunigan Larry Collins/David Foley Jane Winter/Joerg Dressler Tim Wynn/Zehra Khan Vicky Tomayko/ Mary Alice Johnston Henry Hensche/Ada Raynor Alvin Ross/Ross Moffett Nassos Daphnis/Ethan Manach Marian Roth/Jack Tworkov Mike Wright/Sheila McGuinness Kathryn Smith/Ferol Sibley Warthen Leo Manso/Remo Ferrugio Fred Sandbeck/Barbara Cohen William L’Engle/Richard Baker Lillian Orlowsky/William Freed James Zimmerman/Peter Macara Helen Miranda Wilson/Tim Woodman Paul and Blair Resika Ewa Nogiec/Susan Lyman Rose Basile/Jean Kent Donna Flax/Mary Giammarino.