June 25 through July 8
Robert Glisson, Linda Reedy, and Anne Salas

July 9 through July 22
Jim Broussard and Kevin Cyr

July 23 through August 5
Paul Kelly and Mike Wright

August 6 through August 19
Sean McCabe and Robert Morgan

August 20 through September 2
Ed Christie and Joerg Dressler

September 3 through September 16
Alice Denison and Jane Paradise

September 17 through January 1, 2022:
Autumn Group Show: Jim Broussard, Ed Christie, Kevin Cyr, Cathleen Daley, Alice Denison, Joerg Dressler, Robert Glisson, Raúl Gonzalez lll, Paul Kelly, Sean McCabe, Robert Morgan, Jane Paradise, Linda Reedy, Anne Salas, and Mike Wright.