From as early as early I can remember, nature has inspired and enriched my life in a very powerful and profound way. The energy, force and majestic beauty of its presence expressed through every living thing ignites in me something so deep and significant.
I have desired, though never truly dared, to try and capture or recreate this phenomenon in an artistic representation.
Though after reaching a new plateau in my creative journey and thus process, I began to experience an intense hunger to explore this very subject.
This led me to take an even closer look at the natural environment around me, and my first love of the ocean. Every morning at first light, I would walk down to the ocean, watching and observing the movement and formations in the clouds and water. It wasn’t long before I could see a direct unison and interconnectedness between the two.
The sky and the sea, they were intimately speaking to one another thus exchanging energies, almost like a dance. Pushing and pulling, inhaling and exhaling, a harmonious tension that would create such vast patterns and contours.

The purity and fascinating qualities of this experience, left me wanting nothing more than to take things back to basics. I wanted to investigate the possibilities and primal nature of charcoal.

The journey was on.