Artist Kirk Jenkins; was born and raised in the surf side town of Cronulla, Australia; located south of Sydney. He was born to mixed European parents who traveled the world as gypsies. From a young age, Kirk was exposed to a rich melting pot of cultures; including a well-rounded selection of music, food, sports, art, and the outdoors. He took a keen interest in collecting what some people would call junk, creating all kinds of sculptures and objects; intertwining the raw materials from around local streets.

Kirk was, and has always been, very much a hunter gatherer; He finds a peace, connectiveness, and sense of meaning in the environment and outside world; a language, a freedom, and a raw beauty that cannot be matched or found in the man made world.

The materials that he works with; such as wood, tar, charcoal, natural oils and metal all come directly or indirectly from the same place. “I was born from the earth and shall one day return to the earth”. A spiritual cycle that Kirk is very aware and in awe of.

Having grown up in the harsh and often rugged terrains of Australia, infused with a deep affinity, compassion and kinship, with not only the indigenous people of his own country, but those too of his brothers and sisters from far away lands, such as: the native American and African people.

Together with a strong sense of composition, a keen eye for detail, texture, color, balance and weight; thus driven by an instinct and hunger to explore; that could only be referred to as primal; Kirk has explored many mediums, such as found object assemblage, abstract expressionism, figurative painting and sculpture.

Though his most recent body of work, focuses purely on the natural formations, energy and patterns of both the physical and non physical landscapes of our universe.

Kirk’s work have been exhibited in a number shows; In Cities such as Sydney, London, Los Angeles and Miami. The most notable to date being:
 The Nader, Latin American Art Museum – during Miami Art Basel.